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We embarked on our expedition through Africa in pursuit of adventure, but more importantly, to put ourselves at the disposal of people in remote places who are in need of hands on the ground to help conserve Africa’s rare and wonderful flora and fauna. With terrifying statistics and news of animals going extinct, becoming endangered and areas of natural habitat becoming fewer and fewer, now is the time to act to prevent such devastation. The projects we are aligned with are ones that we truly believe make a meaningful difference and impact. Read more about them, get involved and support their amazing work.




Painted Dog Conservation

A project to protect and increase the range and numbers of Painted Dogs, (Lycaon pictus) in Zimbabwe. The organisation focuses on Anti Poaching, Rehabilitation & Research, Conservation Education and Community Development.


Endangered Wildlife Trust

Wild Wonderful World have teamed up with the EWT to contribute data to the EWT Wildlife and Roads project. The aim of the project is to gain a greater understanding of the impact of road infrastructure on wildlife.


Bumi Hills Foundation

A non-profit organisation based on the beautiful shore of Lake Kariba, Zimbabwe. Dedicated to the conservation of wildlife through active anti-poaching and the empowerment of the community through conservation-based efforts.



The aim of MammalMAP is to update the distribution records of all African mammal species. The information consolidated will yield crucial information about environmental policies and help educate the public about African mammals and their conservation challenges.


Adventure Scientists

We have joined forces with the Adventure Scientists team to help them collect roadkill data in Africa. The project aims to bring together ecology researchers and transportation policy makers to re-design transportation systems based on an understanding of how roads affect natural landscapes.