Leave a little of your heart in the wild

We connect passionate people to the wild through intentional safari experiences and empower conservation efforts with our dedicated wildlife fund.

Wonderfully Wild Safari Experiences

There is no better way to discover the unrivalled beauty of Africa and her wild spaces than on a safari! Conservation focused, hand-crafted itineraries to over 10 unique countries, embark on truly purposeful travel - in style!

Make a real difference with a conservation-focused safari where a minimum of 15% of your investment is given back to projects on the ground, as well as getting the chance to help out in person.

Intentionally designed safari itineraries that take you to some of Africa’s most incredible locations. Explore by country or special interest and pick a safari that inspires you and suits your budget.


Have an experience in mind that doesn't show up in our itineraries? No problem - simply choose an itinerary as a base and we'll work with you to customise it to your liking. The sky is the limit!

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Showing up for those who need it most

We created our wildlife fund as a way to empower conservation projects with the funding and resources they need to keep doing their amazing work, helping the wild to thrive in their natural environments.

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A few of the projects you can visit while on safari

Each of our Impact Safaris visit one or more conservation projects, giving you the chance to get directly involved in the mission to keep our wildlife and their habitats thriving.

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Heads in the sky, feet in the sand, hearts in the wild…

With over 14 years in the safari industry as wildlife guides, we’re taking everything we know and love and sharing it with you. We hope you’ll fall in love with Africa the way we did.

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