Major rhino horn-trimming operation in Southern Kruger National Park, South Africa

November 2023
More than 20 rhino dehorned in bid to prevent poaching

As a follow-up operation to the Sabie Game Reserve horn-trimming operation carried out in May 2022, Wild Wonderful World funded the helicopter, fixed-wing and veterinary fees for the immobilisation and dehorning of 21 white rhino on Sabie Game Reserve in October 2023.

Pictures & video says more than words, so click here to watch the video of the operation. A written report was published in Kruger Magazine, edition 26, December 2023.

We choose to support operations like this out of pure necessity. We, and many other organisations in their own right, are working tirelessly behind the scenes to develop new methods anti-poaching measures to protect rhino from being killed for their horn. Want to help? Get in touch to support this work.

Here are three reasons why we choose to fund rhino dehorning operations:

1. Amongst various rhino protection measures, horn trimming has been found to be the only statistically significant factor in reduced poaching 

2. Rhino horn trimming has the lowest cost/effectiveness ratio out of any other anti-poaching intervention, meaning it is the most effective anti-poaching method out there currently

3. Trimming of rhinos’ horns is one of the few proactive ways to prevent poaching incidents from happening in the first place

Thanks to our donors for making this operation possible!

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