Buffalo calf saved from building wire

July 2022
Another intervention on Balule - this time to desnare a buffalo calf

Because of recent donations to the Wild Wonderful World Rapid Response Fund, we were able to assist with a desnaring of a buffalo calf last week. The veterinary team suspects that a piece of building wire got caught on the calf’s leg when it was still very young, which then grew into a bad wound over time. This explains why there was no lameness after removal where it was very sore and lame before, as the vital ligaments and blood supply had time to grow underneath the wire. This is less invasive compared to the immediate damage created acute onset, deep snare wounds. The calf will make a good recovery! It was in a herd of 17 with one big bull and the majority of cows still having their calves despite with heavy lion pressure. Buffalo are slowly making a comeback in Greater Kruger following the drought of the past 7 years so every one that we can save, helps! 

The operation was a successful collaboration of the local Snare Rescue Team, a collective response unit comprised of Wildscapes Veterinary services, Wild Wonderful World, Down 2 the Wire, African Wildlife Vets, EWT and Blue Sky Society.

Wild Wonderful World contributed to the funding of the ground team, and the helicopter time for this operation was graciously funded by a Balule donor.

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