Inspiring a passion for wildlife and conservation through travel

Join us in the wild, experience Africa's beauty and fall in love the same way we did. We create safaris tailored to your wishes, guided by our expert knowledge of Africa’s wild spaces. Embark on a safari that leaves a legacy, supporting conservation and the protection of wildlife long into the future.

If everyone fights a corner, supports just one project that protects one area, then we stand a chance.

Welcome to Wild Wonderful World, and welcome to our mission.

Where it all started

A year in our Landy...

Not many companies start life in the back of a Land Rover, but this one did!

In 2017, Wild Wonderful World founders Michelle and Grant left their decade-long careers as safari guides, moved into their Land Rover Defender and travelled Africa for a year. They volunteered with organisations across the continent, dedicated to conserving wildlife.

With the threats facing wildlife growing fast, Michelle & Grant have experienced first-hand the need for unrestricted funding to enable these pivotal actors to carry out their work.

Wild Wonderful World was founded with the intention of sustainably raising funding for wildlife conservation, whilst connecting people to the wild through safari travel.

In the wise words of David Attenborough: “No-one will protect what they don’t care about, and no one will care about what they have never experienced.”

Wild Wonderful World exists to inspire travellers to save wildlife and preserve our wild spaces into the future.

Wild Wonderful World Safari

Our passionate team engages with travellers from around the world to create unique, unforgettable safari experiences to Africa’s top safari destinations. All safaris booked with Wild Wonderful World directly support wildlife conservation, without you needing to do or pay anything more! Those who have lost their hearts to the African wild, and want to do more, have the option of connecting with one or multiple conservation projects during their travels.

Wild Wonderful World conservation

We dedicate 100% of donations to our conservation fund to save wildlife in need and ensure teams on the ground have the resources they need to keep our wild spaces thriving. In addition to direct donations received, the fund is fuelled by safari contributions received from our sister travel company, also financing all overheads!

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Our Team

Meet the travel specialists guides, and wildlife experts that make up the Wild Wonderful World team!  

Board of Directors
Michelle Pengilly
Private Guide & Travel Specialist
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Board of Directors
Grant Pengilly
Helicopter Pilot
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Board of Directors
Jonty Bozas
Private Guide
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Board of Directors
Evelyn Poole
Digital Marketing
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Board of Directors
Amandine de Cumont
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Board of Directors
Nick Kleer
Private Guide
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Board of Directors
Christina van der Merwe
Travel Consultant
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About What We Do

African safaris

Taking you on epic travel experiences, designed to connect you to the wild whilst giving back.

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conservation fund

Providing funding to projects and wildlife in need: conservation is the driver behind everything we do!

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Get a glimpse into our journey, what we are thinking about and where we are headed, through our blog.

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