Inspiring a passion for wildlife and conservation through travel

In everything we do we aim to inspire a love for Africa and wildlife, educate people on conservation and do our part to empower key projects with the funding and resources they need to keep our wild spaces thriving.

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Our vision

"We envision a world where the wellbeing of nature is at the heart of everything we do and every decision we make."

Our Story

We're a small team but we have big hearts and even bigger dreams

Hi, we are Michelle and Grant; dreamers, adventurers, wildlife warriors and proud founders of Wild Wonderful World. Welcome to our little online home.

Nature and wildlife have always been a massive part of our lives. As kids it was a love for animals and the outdoors, but it quickly morphed into a true passion that we have now dedicated our lives to today.

A witty boy from Johannesburg obsessed with helicopters and a girl who turned life on it's head by swapping a career in banking for the fresh air and bushveld...We met working as safari guides at a top lodge in South Africa, a good a place as any for two nature obsessed humans to fall in love.

Over the years working in game reserves, we were exposed to the conservation efforts around us and we both felt the increasing need to contribute more to the work being done on the ground protecting the wild spaces we loved so much.

We get that not everyone would go to the extreme of moving into a Land Rover for a year, but we wanted to volunteer for projects all over Africa and hey, we REALLY love our Landy.

Although we had heard stories, it is fair to say now that we never realised the enormous scale of the threats facing wildlife on our continent. Human wildlife conflict, for example, is a major issue outside of South Africa, where fences to protect both wildlife and people, cease to exist. And when people say that natural spaces are disappearing, it means nothing until you drive through a country that once used to be all rainforest and is now 90% farmland.

With the sheer size of the African continent and her enormous, exponentially growing human population with their ever-growing demands on the land, the threat to wildlife and their habitats is growing every single day.

It is almost impossible to imagine anyone at all can do anything to help at this stage, but what stood out to us more than anything on our expedition was the incredible people we met along the way who are doing just that -making a difference. And we wanted in.

Their resilience and passion for continually fighting to save wildlife is nothing short of inspiring. From scientists, vets, soldiers to community officers they each taught us that if everyone fights a corner, supports just one project that protects one area, then we stand a chance.

So that is what we are going to do. But not only that - we're going change the way people think about conservation and we're going to bring the wild to YOU so that you may fall In love with it the way we did and dedicate even a small part of your life to protecting these spaces that define who we are and who we will be as human beings.

Welcome to Wild Wonderful World, and welcome to our mission.

Our Team

Meet the guides, wildlife experts and specialists that make up our amazing Wild Wonderful team. Interested in learning more about our private guides or Conservation NPC board of directors? You're in the right place!  

Board of Directors
Michelle Campbell
Private Guide & Travel Specialist
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Board of Directors
Grant Pengilly
Private Guide & Helicopter Pilot
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Board of Directors
Evelyn Poole
Marketing & Accounting
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Board of Directors
Jonty Bozas
Private Guide
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What We Do

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Intentional and ethical experiences designed to connect you to the wild in the best way while also giving back where it's most needed.

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connected conservation

We believe that the more we work together to protect our wild spaces, the more chance we have of actually succeeding.

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Dedicated to providing resources and funding to key projects, our shop gives you the chance to give back from anywhere in the world!