Grant Pengilly

Helicopter Pilot

A passion for wilderness and wildlife started early in life. I grew up in Johannesburg. I always loved the outdoors and would spend my days in the garden pretending to track animals and making forts. Not so far out of JHB are some beautiful game reserves where we were very lucky to visit a few times a year and where my love for the African bush developed into a lifelong career.

Starting as a trainee guide straight after school, I went into professional guiding for 14 years. During that period I lived in some of South Africas most pristine wilderness areas around the country. As well as growing my knowledge and understanding of the natural world, I developed a particular interest in the capture, conservation and management of wildllife. I started flying helicopters for conservation purposes while I continued to guide.

In 2017 my wife Michelle and I decided we needed to experience more of what Africa has to offer and to learn more about what needs to happen to protect its wildlife and wilderness areas. We packed everything into our trusty Land Rover and hit the road with no return date in mind. What followed was the biggest adventure of our lives so far and what eventually led to us starting Wild Wonderful World and devoting our work to Conservation. We travelled around Africa for just over a year visiting Iconic as well as lesser known game reserves and national parks, and patches of wilderness off the beaten track. This trip opened our eyes to the challenges faced by Conservationists, communities, game reserves and Villages which were all competing for a chance at survival in Africas most remote rural areas.

Wild Wonderful World now exists so that we positively contribute to these sensitive areas across Africa and assist in their responsible management to make sure they last for many generations to come.

“Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better.” - Albert Einstein
Favourite safari activity
Walking and Helicopter scenic flights
specialist area
Helicopter Pilot - Tracking
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Guiding Experience
14 Years