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What we are about


Hi, welcome to our Wild Wonderful World! We set up this website as a platform on which to document and share travel adventure stories, photography and our conservation involvements. With over 15 years of combined wildlife experience between us, we embarked on an expedition through Africa in pursuit of adventure, but more importantly, to put ourselves at the disposal of people in remote places who are in need of hands on the ground to help conserve Africa’s rare and wonderful flora and fauna.

Follow our adventures, read about amazing conservation projects and discover more about the world than you knew before.

It is a wild wonderful world… get out there and explore.

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What We Believe

As a safari guide, one of your most important tasks is to educate your guests about the complexities of nature and the vast number of threats to its very delicate balance. Whilst there is no doubt that education is one of the most important tools we have in stemming the downward spiral of wilderness areas and the species within them, we feel strongly that we can do more than just talk. We want to work directly with sustainable and effective programs, with stakeholders, ecology researchers and teams on the ground to contribute more to conservation.

Meet the Team

Born in Africa, raised in Asia, schooled in Europe and worked in the Middle East, I have a broad range of experiences and understanding when it comes to different cultures and people. A degree in International Economics formed the foundation of my first career as a macro economist in the banking sector, but nature drew me back home to Africa where I retrained and worked as a safari guide for 5 years. Driven to make a more meaningful contribution to conservation, today I volunteer for wildlife conservation projects around Africa, with the aim of making a difference on the ground and gaining a deeper understanding of the industry, its challenges and solutions for success.
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After finishing school, I left the city for a life in the wild, starting as a field guide in the Eastern cape. This was the first of many different wilderness areas that I got to know very well over the next decade. In 2013, I realised a childhood dream and learnt to fly helicopters, and got involved with game capture and wildlife veterinary work. My time spent in the bush has developed a fascination with being surrounded by nature and a passion to keep wild places wild. I want to make an impact in conservation, while furthering my footsteps around our World’s wild places.
There are amazing people and cultures to discover and so much to look after.
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Our Sponsors and Supporters

Support our Expedition

Support our Expedition

Our expedition is self funded and our conservation work is done on a voluntary basis. If you would be interested in supporting us with regards to our costs including fuel, food and medical insurance, you can kindly make a donation here:




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Wild Wonderful World is a movement aimed at working together to change the downward spiral of nature and do more for conservation.