Wild Dog GPS tracking collar sponsored

July 2020
Pack collared to investigate plummeting numbers

This pack of Wild Dogs have had a tough time. The pack have gone from 14 dogs just 2 years ago, to 9 last year and now they are down to 5. The recent loss of their alpha female was another massive blow to the group. A post mortem indicated possible signs of worrying diseases but was inconclusive due to the age of the sample.

It was decided that another member of the pack should be darted to enable the wildlife vets to get a better blood sample, to ensure it was not disease that is decimating the pack. To ensure that vets could follow up and relocate the pack at a later date, a GPS tracking collar was required to enable better monitoring of the pack.

Thanks to donors, the Rapid Response Fund was able to support this project and donate the GPS tracking collar. Once bloods had been taken, the tracking collar was fitted to enable the Endangered Wildlife Trust researchers to monitor the pack more closely and do everything possible to protect the pack from further population losses.

A huge thank you to Wild Wonderful World donor M.Smith for donating the value of the tracking collar for this operation!!
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