Hyena de-snared in Mala Mala

September 2021
Hyena freed some snare & treated

Report by Jonty Bozas, Wild Wonderful World guide:

In August (2021) I was guiding guests at Mala Mala Private Game Reserve (Greater Kruger National Park). On the way to drop guests off at Skukuza Airstrip in the Kruger Park I noticed a hyena behaving very strangely, and on closer inspection realised that the poor hyena had a wire snare wrapped around its neck. We reported to situation to reserve management and I contacted Michelle (Wild Wonderful World Conservation NPC) fto assist with funding for the operation.

Whilst we waited for the vet to arrive, one of the other rangers waited with the snared hyena to keep a visual of it. After I had dropped my guests off at Skukuza airport I rushed up to meet Joel, the wildlife vet from WildScapes, at the Gowrie Gate of the Sabi Sand to escort him to the hyena. The hyena was lying in a water pipe that went under the road - no doubt a place he felt safe in his vulnerable position.  

Joel managed to dart the hyena with a tranquilliser and then together we managed to pull the poor animal out of the pipe and onto a canvas stretcher so we could assess the snare and subsequent damage. The hyena had a cable snare all the way around its neck which had definitely affected the animals food intake and it was in very poor condition. We removed the snare from its neck and cleaned and treated the deep wound that had formed as a result of the snare. Joel covered the wound in a thick smothering of honey (Elephants Alive natural wild honey) as this natural product is a fantastic healing agent. He also set up a drip during this time to get some fluilds into the hyena.

Operation done, Joel gave the hyena the reversal drug and in no time it got up and moved off - feeling hugely relieved I am sure not to have the tight wire around his neck anymore.

Post operation Update: Septmber 2021

I went back to Mala Mala a month later and managed to see the same hyena again, trying to scavenge some food from a leopard kill! It was clear he had gained weight and his condition had definately improved. The wound was still visable but fantastic to it ooking 100 times better. A slow heaing process for sure, but it was a huge relief to see the hyena again and see it doing well.  

This was a fantastic example of how the emergency wildlife fund that Wild Wonderful World generates through safari bookings and donors is used to help animals that have fallen foul to human wildlife conflict. A huge thank you to all our guests and donors for helping save this hyena and giving it a second chance in life!

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