Inspiring Change: Wild Wonderful World

Inspiring Change: Wild Wonderful World

Our journey to date has been one of discovery. It started back in 2017 with our conservation expedition, setting out to discover what is being done to conserve wildlife across the African continent. The next step was discovering ways to help and empower those projects in a meaningful way, figuring out how we could use our skills to make a difference. We then turned that journey of discovery inwards - a brand review if you will - working to really define who we are, what we do and how to better inspire and offer ways for our guests and community to fall in love with Africa and support conservation.

With the help and creative genius from Moka Brand Studio, we are very excited to launch our new look and feel of Wild Wonderful World! Bringing you a fresher, more accessible, and inspiring website, our branding is brighter, yet earthy. Our mission and vision are clearly defined and we are more inspired than ever to share our love and passion for Africa with you and empower wildlife projects with the funding and resources they need to keep our wild spaces thriving.

Our vision is a global community that celebrates stories of success as we watch our wilderness areas and species within them, thrive. Our mission is to make the connection, conversation, investment and actionable contribution to nature accessible to every individual and business interested in making an impact. To use our platform to educate and inspire, showing anyone who cares that a contribution of any size, shape or form can make a difference. Time. Money. Conversation. It all goes a long way.

Safari for Conservation

“The best way to fall in love with a place is to experience it first-hand.”

Our passion is to share our love of Africa with you; to bring you closer to the wild so that you can discover Africa’s incredible places and wildlife for yourself. Our safaris are hand-crafted, custom designed to give you the perfect combination of nature, wildlife, comfort and conservation impact. Intentional and ethical, they aim to connect you to the wild in the best way possible whilst giving back so that our wild spaces remain here long after we're gone.

We work to protect wildlife because we believe it is the right thing to do: we conserve wild spaces into the future, because if we don’t, who will? If everyone fights one corner, supports one project that protects one area, we create hope for success. Our choices today change our world tomorrow and no matter where you are in the world, everyone can make a difference for the better.

Our Safari Promise to you

1. Conservation First: Every safari booked through us contributes to the conservation of wildlife in Africa.

2. Hand Crafted: Each itinerary has been carefully curated based on our intimate knowledge of Africa's wild spaces.

3. Exceptional Service: We'll work directly with you to perfect your experience and hand-craft a fully personalised safari tour.


Our safaris give you the opportunity to get involved in conservation on the ground.

Introducing the Wild Wonderful World Conservation Fund

Wild Wonderful World empowers everyone to #IgniteChange in the world of conservation, by connecting you to wildlife projects in need. With thousands of conservation charities and projects out there, choice overload is a big limiting factor for donors to take the leap and support a cause they care about. That is where we come in: to connect passionate funders with passionate projects that make a real impact for wildlife conservation.

Conservation is at the very heart of our lives.

Each of our safaris contributes 20% of proceeds directly into this fund and anyone wanting to contribute outside of safari travel, can donate directly to the fund itself. We have also developed a “Shop for Wildlife”, where you can donate conservation gear and wildlife research equipment, which means you know exactly where your funds go. Because of our unique funding model, we can guarantee that 100% of your donated amount goes directly to the teams on the ground or the purchase equipment. We promise to keep you updated about how your funds are used in the field and invite you to be a part of the conservation story in Africa. Join our e-mail list to be the first to know about exciting new projects!

Where does the money go?

1. Rapid Response Fund: From snared or injured animals to human-wildlife conflict, emergency funding is often life saving for the animals involved.

2. Frontier Projects: Providing financial support to conservation projects on the ground, enabling them to do what they do best.

3. Flying for Conservation: Funding "eyes in the sky" and improving accessibility of helicopters and light aircraft to ensure safe and efficient wildlife conservation interventions.

Ways you can help

  • MAKE A DONATION: Contributions of any size are so welcome and every cent goes towards carefully selected projects who need help in their efforts to save wildlife.
  • GO ON SAFARI: The best way to fall in love with a place is to experience it first hand. Every safari booked with us gives back to key conservation projects through our Rapid Response Fund.
  • SHARE: share our story with friends and family, and help us reach more likeminded people wanting to #IgniteChange in the world of conservation.
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