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Central African Republic

Of the 6 countries across which the Congo Basin expands, this area is known for its vast and diverse array of species, including the endangered western lowland gorillas, forest elephants and pangolins, not to mention the birds, amphibians, fish and swallowtail butterflies. The basin itself is a total of 3.7 million square kilometers and is home to some of the largest undisturbed stands of tropical rainforest on the planet, in addition to large wetlands. Whilst travel advisories are in place for certain parts of CAR due to political instability (to the north and east of the country), the remote Sangha Tri-national park in the extreme southwest remains a safe and exciting place to visit, and is far removed from the unrest. Every traveller who joins one discovery safaris makes a significant contribution to the long-term conservation and community sustainability of this vulnerable region.

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We've crafted our safaris with conservation in mind, ensuring that a percentage of every trip booked is invested into our Rapid Response Fund. Each itinerary has been hand designed by us to include ethical & eco-friendly lodges and optional add ons that contribute to local projects.

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Lay eyes on the magnificent few Lowland Gorillas left in the wild and if you're lucky, spot the graceful and charming pangolin. An adventurous safari off the beaten track.
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Local Conservation Projects

Check out a few of the local projects doing incredible work for the wildlife and their habitats in this country. If you'd like to add a visit on to one of our existing safari itineraries, let us know below, or check out our Impact Safaris for a truly meaningful safari experience centered around conservation.

Sangha Pangolin Project

Not seeing a project you'd like to support? We'd love to hear your suggestions. Send us a message and we'll take a look.

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Some amazing things to see in

Central African Republic

Forest Elephants
Western Lowland Gorillas
Forest Buffalo
Guereza Colobus Monkey
Red River Hog