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Within the confines of Botswana’s borders is a rich variety of wildlife, from water dependent species such as puku and elephant found in the  swamps of the Okavango Delta, to desert adapted species including meercats and brown hyenas found in the harsher regions of the country - the Kalahari desert.

With water brings life and that is no better displayed than in Botswana. The delta floods annually, bringing water to the otherwise anicent salt lakes in the Kalahari basin, a flood that brings with it a migration of zebras, flocks of flamingos and a whole host of other widllife. Up into the Okavango Delta itself, hippo filled channels of water wind through reed beds that are humming with birdlife. Huge herds of buffalo and colossal elephants as well as the predators are all found here. Botswana is a real life dreamland with something exquisite for every month of the year.

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Your safari makes a difference.

We've crafted our safaris with conservation in mind, ensuring that a percentage of every trip booked is invested into our Rapid Response Fund. Each itinerary has been hand designed by us to include ethical & eco-friendly lodges and optional add ons that contribute to local projects.

Botswana on foot

Walk in the footsteps of elephants and bushmen

Experience the incredible Okavango Delta and Kalahari in the most intimate way - with your feet on the ground, walking in the footsteps of giants. An invigorating safari connecting you to the wild like no other.
10 days, From $11,958 per person | Botswana
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Big 5 Safari

Epic Elephant Migration

12 nights, From $14,130 per person | Zimbabwe & Botswana
Big 5 Safari

Highlights of Southern Africa

12 nights from $22,145 per person | South Africa, Botswana & Zimbabwe
Big 5 Safari

The Absolute Best of Botswana & Zimbabwe

12 days, From USD29,190 per person | Botswana & Zimbabwe

The Kalahari Zebra Migration

10 days, From $11,838 per person | Botswana
Big 5 Safari

Wetlands and Waterfalls

8 nights, From $11,055 per person | Botswana & Zimbabwe
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keeping the wild, wild

Local Conservation Projects

Check out a few of the local projects doing incredible work for the wildlife and their habitats in this country. If you'd like to add a visit on to one of our existing safari itineraries, let us know below, or check out our Impact Safaris for a truly meaningful safari experience centered around conservation.

Rhino Without Borders

Not seeing a project you'd like to support? We'd love to hear your suggestions. Send us a message and we'll take a look.

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Wild Dogs
Kalahari Lions
White Rhino
San Tribe/ Bushmen
Botswana Zebra Migration